Collaboration with the Masters in Landscape Architecture organised by the Juana de Vega Foundation


On Monday 20th October, Fundación RIA presented the research about the territory of the Ria de Arousa to the students of the Masters in Landscape Architecture course organised by the Juana de Vega Foundation. On the second day of collaborative activities, the students visited the council of Ribeira where they had the opportunity to discover the natural environment of Ria de Arousa, the Barbanza mountain range, and the Corrubedo Natural Park.     Read more


Wide representation of all sectors at the oficial launch of the Fundación RIA


On Monday 30 October a ceremony at the Hostal dos Reis Católicos in Santiago de Compostela marked the official launch of the Fundación RIA, attended by the President of Galicia, several departments of the regional government, representatives of the scientific community and local industries.

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Official launch of the Fundación Rede de Innovación Arousa


David Chipperfield will present the strategic vision for the Fundación RIA — Rede de Innovación Arousa to mark its official launch at an event attended by the President of the Xunta de Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, and representatives from the regional, provincial and local administrations.
The event will also be attended by representatives of the Galician universities and scientific community, business sector and collective organisations from different fields.


Lecture on Fundación RIA at the Network of Urban Technology workshop in A Coruña


Between the 4 and 7 September, the Portuguese-language workshop for the Network of Urban Technology (PNUM) was held in the city of A Coruña, where the understanding of the city itself was approached through different methods of morphological analysis, contrasting them and distilling the best of each one of them. Manuel Rodríguez, on behalf of the RIA Foundation - Rede de Innovación Arousa, was invited to present the initiative promoted by David Chipperfield at the closing conference of the PNUM17. This closing ceremony was shared with Ibón Bilbao, promoter along with Josep Bohigas, of the Cabecera Architects initiative, founded in the School of Architecture of Barcelona, ETSAB - UPC.

Portuguese-Language Network of Urban Morphology


Public presentation marks the launch of the Fundación RIA


On July 14, David Chipperfield and DCA London launched a new foundation in Spain. The Fundación RIA (Rede de Innovación Arousa) was announced at a public presentation attended by the President of Xunta Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo; the Conselleira de Medio Ambiente e Ordenación del Territorio, Beatriz Mato; and the Conselleira del Mar, Rosa Quintana.     

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Experts forum


On July 12, the Arousa Study hosted its first expert forum. During the event, experts in different fields covering economy, architecture, urban planning, heritage and geography, presented talks on topics of general interest for the development of this territory to the local community. This covered concerns such as the optimisation of local production, heritage, territorial planning, and the local economic networks, relevant to the livelihoods of the local community which are dependent on the maritime sector, agriculture, forestry, viticulture, tourism, canning industry or even European funding.


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Presentation for the Vice President and Conselleiros of the Xunta de Galicia



In response to the invitation from the Conselleira de Medio Ambiente e Ordenación do Territorio, Mrs. Beatríz Mato, Fundación RIA was presented to the different councils of the Xunta de Galicia. Benito Blanco, vice president and secretary of the Fundación RIA, was in charge of developing the presentation in the presence of the Vice President of the Xunta de Galicia, Mr. Alfonso Rueda; the Conselleira de Medio Ambiente y Ordenación del Territorio, Ms. Beatríz Mato; the Conselleira de Infraestructuras, Dñá Ethel Vázquez; the Conselleira de Medio Rural, Ms. Ánxeles Vázquez; and the Conselleiro de Política Social, Mr. José Manuel Rey Varela. 

Arousa Study: A tool for protection and development



Essay published in Boletín nº 18 del Consello Regulador da DOP Mexillón de Galicia on the importance of protection and development in productive ecosystems such as the Ría de Arousa.  


Full text

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Lecture at the Institute of Marine Research (IIM) - CSIC during the multidisciplinary forum



At the request of the coordinator of the Area of Science and Food Technology of the CSIC, Isabel Medina, and the director of the IIM - CSIC, Antonio Figueras, the Arousa Study team was invited to participate in a forum for the dissemination and sharing of scientific work from the various areas covered at the IIM headquarters in Vigo. The Arousa Study presented its strategic vision, a holistic and inclusive project in which all the representative sectors within the complex context of the Ría de Arousa are being reviewed. The invitation to attend the forum allowed for collaboration within the areas of knowledge so fundamental to the balance of the Ría ecosystem such as biotechnology, aquaculture, marine resources or food technology, all of which are departments of the Marine Research Institute.


Presentation to Direccions Xerais of the Xunta de Galicia


The Arousa Study was presented to a broad representation of the Directores Xerais and agencies of the Xunta de Galicia. The event, organised by the general manager of Ordenacion do territorio e urbanismo, Mª Encarnación Rivas, served as an opportunity to exchange views on the potential of this area and to inform the different departments of the regional government of the objectives of the initiative. Also participating in the meeting was the director of the Instituto de Estudos Territoriais, Inés Santé, and the director of Augas de Galicia, Roberto Rodríguez Martínez, as well as representatives of other departments of the Xunta de Galicia, such as the Axencia Galega de Infraestruturas and Portos de Galicia.

Xunta de Galicia

Arousa Study in the IV Restoration Forum of Rianxo


The Arousa Study will be presented by David Chipperfield at the 4th annual Foro de Rehabilitación conference in Rianxo, Spain. The talk will address issues of the area’s urban and economic development in parallel with cultural and environmental protection, focussing on the coastal margins from which the area derives much of its identity. Hosted by the local council, the Foro de Rehabilitación was set up as part of a scheme started in 2008 to develop local understanding of restoration and renovation, and to consider the best ways to approach the rehabilitation of degraded or historical buildings in towns around the region. The forum runs 5-7 May with David’s talk taking place at 12.00 on Sunday 7 May.

Foro de Rehabilitación

Experts Workshop in Ribeira


The third floor of the municipal market of Ribeira served as the stage for a new presentation and debating session for the Arousa Study. The study was resumed in March 2017 following the establishment of an office in Santa Uxía de Ribeira and the formation of a research team composed of five professionals. The latest developments in the study were shared with representatives of local and regional authorities, members of the scientific community, management entities for European funding and members of local sectoral organisations.     Read more


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