Public presentation of the project: From road to street. Recovery of the urban identity of Palmeira


On Monday 17 December at the multipurpose building of Palmeira, the Fundación RIA presented the project for the recovery of the urban identity of Palmeira. It was a public event to which also attended and gave their support the conselleira of infrastructures and mobility, Ethel María Vázquez Mourelle; and the mayor of the Council of Ribeira, Manuel Ruiz Rivas.


Lecture of the Fundación RIA in the conference New strategies for old roads organised by the Council of Rianxo


The Council of Rianxo, through its Urban Renovation Office director Carlos H. Fernández Coto, invited Fundación RIA to present the project From road to street. Recovery of the urban identity of Palmeira in the conference New strategies for old roads. Together with Fundación RIA's project, two more projects were presented: Camiño Real Cangas - Moaña by the urbanism studio Rurban and a research rproject coordinated by José Manuel Vázquez Mosquera, professor of urbanism at ETSAC.

In its lecture, Fundación RIA presented the strategies with which the foundation approaches the recovery of urban identity and the method of analysis of the context.


Submission of the study: Development of a methodology for the design of strategies of urban regeneration to the Dirección Xeral de Ordenación do Territorio e Urbanismo


On Tuesday the Fundación RIA handed the final document to the general director of Territory and Urban Planning, Mª Encarnación Rivas. The document included the approach, process and results of the second phase of a methodology consisting of a five week workshop conducted in Ribeira.


Lecture by David Chipperfield, president of the Fundación RIA, to present the foundation as a case of success at the International Meeting on Cultural Heritage and Development organised by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AECID)


Fundación RIA was selected as a case of success for the promotion of cultural heritage and sustainable development strategies by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID).

David Chippefield, founder and president, was invited to give a presentation on the activity of the foundation at the International Heritage Meeting for Development at Casa América in Madrid on November 27 and 28.


Final presentation and closing act of the Fundación RIA Workshop 2018


Last Monday 26 November the closing act of the Fundación RIA Workshop 2018 was held at the social centre of Oleiros, together with an exhibition of the work carried out during the last five weeks. Amongst the attendees there were representatives from the scientific, economic and political sector, also from both the local and the regional scale.

The represented institutions were: the Sea Department of the Xunta de Galicia, the General Direction of Territory and Urban Planning, the CSIC Marine Research Institute, the School of Architecture of A Coruña, the Institute of Territorial Studies, the Galician Architects Association, the Council of Ribeira, the Council of Porto do Son, political parties PSOE and BNG Ribeira, Local Associations of Ribeira and the Galician Fishermen Association.


Fundación RIA Workshop 2018 public closing event: Facemos Ribeira?


During the development of the Fundación RIA Workshop 2018, the participants established a citizen service office with the name of Facemos Ribeira?. The exhibition also with the same name, hosted the analysis, strategies and projects developed throughout this workshop.

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Second week of the Fundación RIA Workshop 2018


Throughout the second week of the Fundación RIA Workshop 2018, the three groups designed the work plan to be followed in the following weeks. Guided by the team of the Fundación RIA and Raül Avilla, collaborator of Arquitectos de Cabecera and PhD student at the Royal College of Art in London, the groups carried out fieldwork, designed surveys to collect information from the public and conducted interviews. Based on the information obtained, the participants carried out a thorough analysis and mapping of the environment that allowed understanding the conflicts and opportunities of the place.

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First week of the Fundación RIA Workshop 2018


During the first week of the RIA Foundation Workshop, the presentation of the workshop was carried out and the three themes that will be worked on in the following weeks were introduced: the port-city relationship, the urban center and the green edges.

Finally, three working groups were defined, each consisting of 5 participants, and each group was assigned one of the subjects.

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Start of Fundación RIA Workshop 2018


Monday 29 October will mark the beginning of the Fundación RIA Workshop. The four-week workshop will focus on urban regeneration and the design of intervention strategies for regional infrastructure. It will take place in the municipality of Ribeira, A Coruña, and will conclude on Wednesday 28 November. The participants include fifteen young architects and senior architecture students from the universities of A Coruña (ETSAC), UPC Barcelona (ETSAB), UAH Alcalá de Henares and UBI Portugal, in addition to fifteen experts that will give lectures and offer further spport.


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Lecture by the Fundación RIa in the Sustaniable Management of the Land and Territory master by the University of Santiago de Compostela


Today the Fundación RIA was in the Univeristy Campus of Lugo in a day of lectures and discussion that revolved around the organization of the territory from outside the university and the administration. Together with the foundation, the 1Aun and Ergosfera Collective also attended as guests.

The objective of this day, organized within the framework of the MasterTerra of the University of Santiago de Compostela, was for the speakers to share their vision on three questions: what are the problems of spatial planning in Galicia and what are its root causes; what negative scenarios are foreseen in the future if these problems persist or others appear and what to do to avoid these current or future problems.    Link to video


The work of the RIA Foundation in the documentary Euromaxx special edition: European star artists call the shots of the German channel DW


The program Euromaxx of the German channel Deutsche Welle, DW, has produced a report on the figure of David Chipperfield, his last works and his relation with Galicia. In this program, Chipperfield makes a special mention on the potential of Galicia and its motivations to promote the creation of the Fundación RIA to promote the sustainable development of the region.

In this piece, Fundación RIA's general coordinator, Manuel Rodríguez, explains in the program that the work of the foundation is based on the establishment of a network among universities, productive sectors and administrations to discuss and jointly plan this sustainable development.

Link to the full video

180912_Poster Workshop_ENG.jpg
IMG_20181212_170928 copy.jpg

Workshop Fundación RIA. Application period


With this workshop, the Fundación RIA aims to develop a methodology that allows the administrations to identify conflicts and potentialities and also to design strategies to intervene in urban environments. We seek to proactively plan urban regeneration strategies that foster an efficient use of the given resources.​

Download the brochure with more detailed information in Spanish here

For any enquiries contact info@fundacionria.org

Fundación RIA moves to a new work space in the Oleiros social center


The social center of the parish of Oleiros, in Ribeira, will be the new headquarters of the Fundación RIA.

The facilities of this public building, owned by the Council of Ribeira, also have a multipurpose space that will accommodate public exhibitions and conferences.

The foundation will move to the new space the last week of September.


Submission of the study for the urban integration of the AC-305 in Palmeira to the Galician Infrastructure Agency (AXI)


After more than four months of work, the Fundación RIA gives to the Galician Agency of Infrastructure the Study of conflicts and intervention strategies for the integration of the AC-305 road in the urban environment of Palmeira, Ribeira.

Through an exhaustive mapping of Palmeira over several days of fieldwork and through its subsequent analysis, the foundation's team defined 4 strategies that can be exported to other locations: guarantee the safety of pedestrians and drivers, strengthen the street character, prioritize pedestrian mobility and promote a comprehensive design of the street.


Collaboration agreement with the Institute of Territory Studies (IET)


Strengthening its relationship, the Institute of Studies of Territory, IET, an agency linked to the Department of Environment and Territory Planning, and the Fundación RIA signed a collaboration agreement for the development of activities related to research and dissemination in the field of territory and landscape.

The agreement will facilitate the two institutions to share experiences, ideas and information that will benefit the territory of the Ria de Arousa and the Barbanza region as well as the territories that make up the Atlantic rias of Galicia.


Lecture by David Chipperfield and participation as tutor of Manuel Rodríguez, coordinator of the Fundación RIA, in the summer course organized by the USC and the Council of Allariz: Productive Landscapes


The course, which took place in Allariz, was conceived as a fundamentally theoretical activity, urging participants to devise new forms of rural land management capable of activating small-scale economies, based on the values ​​of the territory understood as productive space,  cultural landscape and lively space.

The last conference of the course was given by the president of the foundation, David Chipperfield, whose lecture Ría de Arousa: a space of environmental complexity  highlighted the strong link that exists between economic activities in the Ria de Arousa and the natural environment that supports them.


Collaboration with Rede ReVOLTA


Rede ReVOLTA, a network of research groups related to the agro-ecology of the universities of Santiago and Vigo, organised in Ribeira a seminar on Innovative Productive Experiences (EPIs). EPIs are business projects that, according to Rede ReVOLTA, are initiatives with much value and even set an example since they always start with minimum social and financial capital.

During the first day, the promoters of ten EPIs and the researchers of Rede ReVOLTA discussed about the challenges and opportunities of the Ria de Arousa through a guided tour by the Fundación RIA. On the second day, the Lustres Rivas Cultural Center in Ribeira hosted a meeting in which these promoters established a dialogue with the researchers with the aim of knowing in detail how they work and what their relationship with the territory is who develop their activity.


The RIA Foundation initiative published in the book David Chipperfield Architects Works 2018



Koenig Books and Mondadori Electa Spa published the David Chipperfield Architects Works 2018 catalog on the occasion of the exhibition with the same name that will take place until September 2 at the Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza, Italy.

After the introduction of David Chipperfield and an article by the Italian architect and professor of the Milan Polytechnic, Fulvio Irace, the catalog collects photographs and plans (many of them unpublished) of each of the projects that can be seen in the exhibition, among which one can find the work developed by Fundación RIA.

This publication can be purchased through the following link

Fundación RIA in David Chipperfield Architects Works 2018 exhibition in Vicenza


The City of Vicenza, in Italy, in collaboration with the cultural association Abacoarchitettura, have invited David Chipperfield Architects to create an exhibition at the Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza from 12 May to 2 September 2018.

The Fundación RIA will be one of the projects exhibited in David Chipperfield Architects Works 2018. The exhibition will display 17 current and recent projects by the practice at varying stages in their development, exposing the range of activities that take place in an architecture studio today.   Read more

Image © Rik Nys

Meeting with the Institute of Studies of the Territory (IET)


On the 2nd of May, The Galician School of Public Administration (EGAP) hosted a working session between the Institute of Studies of the Territory (IET) and the Fundación RIA. The aim of the meeting was to explore common ground in projects that both the RIA Foundation and the IET are developing in the territory.

The session was attended by the director of the Institute, Inés Santé, accompanied by the technical team of the different Areas of studies: Coordination and territorial information; and Planning and landscape.


Study of urban regeneration for the Galician Infrastructure Agency


The Fundación RIA will develop a study to improve the urban integration of the AC-305 road as it passes through the settlement of Palmeira, in the municipality of Ribeira. The commission of the Axencia Galega de Infraestruturas fits into the line of action of the Fundación RIA that addresses the built environment in which the traffic, parking and mobility systems of the Ría de Arousa are integrated, and how these infrastructures affect the urban population and the quality of its public space.

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Fundación RIA speaks in the Foro de Peatonalización in Ribeira


Fundación RIA was invited to be part of a panel discussion on the role of pedestrianisation in the future development of the port town of Ribeira, Galicia. Taking place on 1 March, Peonalización de Ribeira was initiated and moderated by the local newspaper La Voz de Galicia. Participants included the Mayor of Ribeira, Manuel Ruiz Rivas; local architect Carlos Henrique Fernandez Coto; as well as Antonio Miranda, Chairman of the local trade unions. Discussing the city’s infrastructure and the urban identity, Manuel Rodriguez from Fundación RIA, argued that pedestrianisation should not be considered as an end in itself, but rather one tool in a more integrated urban approach

Link to the article


Participatory seminar on the diversification of the production and activities of the marine sector


"Towards an integral project; the revitalisation of coastal towns through the diversification of the production and activities of the marine industry "


On February 7th, in the Municipal Market of Ribeira in Galicia, the Fundación RIA welcomed an assembly of representatives of the local marine economies, fishing organisations and canneries, together with members of the scientific communities, including Universidade da Coruña (UDC), Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), Centre for Research in Information and Communication Technologies (CITIC), and the Integrated Professional Training Centre of Ribeira (CIFP Coroso).     Read more



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