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Fundación RIA joins the Ruritage project


The Ruritage selection team has invited Fundación RIA to become one of the additional Ruritage Replicators. By becoming part of the Ruritage project, the foundation will have the opportunity to learn from the Ruritage Role Models, Replicators and experts and to access a wide range of tools and knowledge to develop heritage-led regeneration plans. This will help to subsequently develop and implement strategies adapted to the rural territory and increase the visibility of the region of Ria de Arousa worldwide. y accepting to join the network as an Additional Replicator, the Ruritage consortium offers Fundación RIA support to develop plans for the regeneration of Ria de Arousa though the valorization of the cultural and natural heritage resources.

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Fundación RIA debates Galician Strategic Plan


The Galician Ministry of Infrastructure and Mobility invited David Chipperfield, President of Fundación RIA, to participate in a debate about future challenges to the region’s development. This debate, which took place in Santiago de Compostela aimed to inform the making of the 2021-2030 Strategic Plan for Galicia, supporting new policies that will address economic and demographic changes. These include a declining population, urbanisation and poverty in rural areas.

This participatory session was the first phase of a broader collaboration with the government of Galicia whose outcome will help the Xunta de Galicia design the development strategies for the next decade.

David Chipperfield speaks at the Monocle Quality of Life Conference


The conference, which took place in Madrid 27–29 June, was organised by Monocle magazine to examine quality of life, using Spain as a model. Various initiatives were presented that exploited the different regions’ qualities: gastronomy, hospitality, urban planning and design.

In a conversation with Monocle’s editor Tyler Brûlé, David spoke about his architectural work as well as that of Fundación RIA. He discussed the unique quality of life in Galicia but also the detrimental effects of compromising its natural territories.  


Fundación RIA talks sustainability at the Foro Voz


On 21 May, the foundation presented a proposal for improving the ria’s coastal areas at the Foro Voz forum at Liceo de Noia, Galicia. The forum aimed to explore sustainable ways of development while examining the effects on the environment.

The forum was arranged by GALP Costa Sostible, a fishing sustainability organization, with the newspaper La Voz de Galicia, and is part of a larger initiative to protect the ria, where the partners seek to promote an agreement between the regions’ mayors to commit to more sustainable policies.  

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Carlos Seoane is appointed First Vice President of Fundación RIA


Fundación RIA is proud to announce the appointment of Carlos Seoane as its First Vice President. Carlos is professor at the School of Architecture at the University of Coruña. He joins the Fundación RIA board with extensive experience of working with Galicia’s natural environment and a proven knowledge of the coastal territories.

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Portuguese research groups visit Ría de Arousa to study marine sustainability


On 10 May, a delegation from Universidade do Minho (UMinho) and the Interdisciplinary Center for Marine and Environment Research (CIIMAR) from Portugal, visited the Ría de Arousa, as part of their collaborative project to study and promote sustainable marine development.    

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Beyond architecture: Identity and Sustainability - Fundación RIA in Galicia. 

Lecture by David Chipperfield at the American Academy in Berlin


The American Academy in Berlin invited David Chipperfield to present Fundación RIA’s work in Galicia. The presentation is part of a lecture series called ‘Museums, Architecture and Social Engagement’, which explores social responsibility within the arts and culture sector. David argued for a more holistic view of architecture that is integrated with economic and natural concerns.

Link to the video of the lecture


Lecture by Fundación RIA in at the University of Minho in Guimarães


Fundación RIA was invited by the Professor Marta Labastida to visit the University of Minho for an introduction to the work of Centro de Estudos and the Lab2PT R&D (Landscape, Heritage and Territory Laboratory). The visit was hosted by Ivo Pereira, director of the University, who explained their current work, which includes André Tavares’ Codfish Architecture research project, a research on how Cod fishing and processing shaped the coastal villages of Portugal.


As part of the visit, Manuel Rodriguez from Fundación RIA gave a lecture to the third- and fourth-year architecture students about the methodology and pilot projects of the foundation.


Public presentation in Palmeira


Last Thursday Fundación RIA held a public event at the auditorium of the Casa del Mar (Association of Retired Persons) in Palmeira, where in which the team presented ‘From Road to Street’, a proposal for the transformation of the AC 305 road project, which intends to recover the urban identity of the main road that crosses Palmeira. More than 60 neighbours attended the presentation and actively participated in the debate.


New AV Monograph


Arquitectura Viva has published a new monograph of the work of David Chipperfield Architects. Covering the last ten years, the double issue includes recently completed projects and the Fundación RIA initiative, interspersed with critical essays by Deborah Berke, Deyan Sudjic, Luis Fernández-Galiano, Sebastian Redecke, Flora Samuel and Richard Ingersoll.

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