Collaboration agreement with the University of A Coruña


The University of A Coruña - School of Architecture of A Coruña (ETSAC) and Fundación RIA sign a collaboration agreement to work toghether in the fields of architecture, territory and landscape. 

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Start of the interviews of the Laboratorio Ecosocial


During the last month, Fundación RIA and Histagra research group of the University of Santiago de Compostela have jointly advanced in the development of the Laboratorio Ecosocial do Barbanza, a project financed by the Banco Santander Foundation that will allow the identification and promotion of sustainable land use practices, taking the bioregion of Barbanza as a case of study.    Read more



New office in Santiago to expand the foundation's reach


With the new headquarters, Fundación RIA strengthens the relationship with the University of Santiago de Compostela, the local administration and the private and commercial sector, and it also expands the intial scope which focused on the Ría de Arousa. The City Council of Santiago and Fundación RIA have reached an agreement leasing the former headquarters of the regional Commonwealth in the vicinity of the Sarela River, in an attempt to reactivate it, after being empty for more than a decade.


David Chipperfield presents the Fundación RIA at the Patronage Culture conference in Santiago de Compostela


On Tuesday, David Chipperfield, founder and president of Fundación RIA, was invited to the Culture of Patronage conference that was held in the auditorium of the Culture Council of Santiago de Compostela. In his presentation, David spoke of his role as patron of the Fundación RIA and the role of patronage in territorial planning, as an alternative to the lack of funding from the public and private sectors.

Speakers also included: Irene Aláez, from the Carasso Foundation; José L. Pérez Pont, manager of the Consortium of Museus of the Comunitat Valenciana; José María Arias Mosquera, president of the Barrié Foundation; Isabel Peñalosa, of the Spanish Association of Foundations; Borja Álvarez, from the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Manuel Vila López, from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Xunta de Galicia and Jabier Larrañaga, regional deputy of Taxes and Finance of Gipuzkoa.


Barbanza Ecosocial Lab presentation and press conference


On Friday 17, in the plenary hall of the town hall of Porto do Son, Fundación RIA will present to the public the Laboratorio Ecosocial do Barbanza. The project is funded by the Banco Santander Foundation and promoted by Fundación RIA in collaboration with the University of Santiago de Compostela through the research group Histagra and with the support of the Cátedra Juana de Vega as well.

Laboratorio Ecosocial do Barbanza aims to articulate and strengthen eco-agro-innovative initiatives that respond to the bioregion in which it takes place. The project is based on a vast set of knowledge, both historical and current, as the foundation to innovative sustainable alternatives for the future.


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