First week of the Barbanza workshop for the Master's Degree in Architecture at ETSAC


An architecture and urbanism workshop is being held between August 31 and September 4 in Ribeira, and will continue at the School of Architecture of A Coruña ETSAC-UDC for another week.

This workshop takes place within the framework of the Master's Degree in Architecture (MUA) as a preliminary phase to the work to be carried out by the final year students of the School of Architecture of A Coruña (ETSAC - UDC) during the academic year. 2021-2022. In order for students to know the dynamics of the territory in which they will develop their projects, Fundación RIA and ETSAC collaborate in the organization of a workshop in the municipality of Ribeira, which for five days will coordinate talks and discussions with experts from different fields, field visits, interviews and joint work sessions.

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The Barbanza Ecosocial Lab announces a call for seed projects for the promotion of 3 sustainable and innovative initiatives


The Barbanza Ecosocial Lab starts its second phase with the announcement of a call for seed projects to fund with 15 000 €, for a maximum of three projects. These should be focused on sustainable production, environmental regeneration, territorial planning, social and cultural action or a combination of these, which have a positive impact on local communities and have the capacity for amplification and replication. The projects must have sustainability as a first requirement, and for this it is recommended to take into account the principles for new sustainable initiatives, as described in the publication When we were sustainable. Learning from Barbanza: shaping our future from our roots, the result of the first phase of research by the Barbanza Ecosocial Lab, which can be downloaded free of charge from its website. More information at barbanzaecosocial.org


Public presentation of the book When we were sustainable. Learning from Barbanza: shaping our future from our roots


On Friday 9, in the auditorium of the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Fundación RIA presented When we were sustainable. Learning from Barbanza: shaping our future from our roots. A book that is the result of the first year of researh of the Barbanza Ecosocial Lab. This project focuses on a very specific region of Galicia, the Barbanza peninsula, to value the forms of land management historically carried out by local communities and to promote initiatives in the region that are governed by the same principles of sustainability. Lessons are drawn from this process to show possible approaches to economic, social and environmental issues that are relevant beyond this territory.

The publication is free of charge and can be downloaded here


Fundación RIA signs a collaboration agreement with the Galician Agency of Infrastructures


On Monday 21 we signed the official agreement of collaboration between Fundación RIA and the Galician Agency of Infrastructures for our ongoing planning work on the regional road, AC-305,which cuts through the towns along the Barbanza peninsula. The project aims to give back priority to pedestrians and urban identity impacted by the effects of traffic planning, and to be part of a larger reconsideration of mobility and sustainable development for the dispersed settlements of the region.

Thank you to the Minister for Infrastructure and Mobility, Ethel Vázquez, the Director of the Galician Agency of Infrastructures, Francisco Menéndez, and their team for the continued trust and support for our work on these initiatives.

Link to the press release


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