As part of its commitment to the sustainable development of Galicia and the protection of its natural and cultural values, Fundación RIA will open a new space in the center of Santiago de Compostela. Casa RIA will be open to the community with an extensive public program of activities.

The building located in Virxe da Cerca street, which will bear the name of Casa RIA, will offer public access spaces that will host a varied program of events, lectures, conferences and exhibitions related to the work of Fundación RIA, promoting debate and proactive planning to address the environmental, economic and territorial challenges of the present and future of Galicia and projecting its results to other territories. This program will attract local and international experts, institutions and collaborators from different disciplines and sectors, who will find in Casa RIA a place of exchange and application of knowledge.

The former sanatorium will become the new headquarters of Fundación RIA, from which the team -which is currently working in a space provided by the City Council of Santiago- will coordinate its research and projects structured around three main axes: urban planning; sustainable land management; and the culture of architectural and urban design. The building's facilities will also allow for temporary student stays and research residencies in collaboration with international reference institutions, as well as including an architectural studio that will support the work of Fundación RIA and the development of its program.

A house for meeting and research

Casa RIA will host a public program of events, talks, conferences and exhibitions related to the work of Fundación RIA in urban planning, sustainable land management and design culture. The program will draw on local and international experts, institutions and partners from different disciplines and sectors to ensure a diversity of events and ideas to enrich discussions around critical issues. The former sanatorium building will provide facilities to support new research residencies in collaboration with leading national and international institutions.

Casa RIA will become not only the base for the foundation and its research study and projects, but also a place of encounter, dialogue and exhibition. The public outreach program will be carried out through exhibitions and scheduled talks and lectures. A public program committee will oversee this program and collaborate with other institutions, organizations and businesses.

The foundation's research activities and projects will remain at the core of the entire project and will aim to expand its program not only through the public program, but also through exchanges and collaborations with other academic and research institutions. Casa RIA will offer residential programs for up to 25 researchers and students. It is envisaged that these programs will be collaborations with the foundation, either on specific pilot projects or on common areas of research.

Fundación RIA is a non-profit foundation registered in Galicia, Spain. The foundation's income is used to further our mission of promoting sustainable development in Galicia. Its funding comes from philanthropic organizations and foundations, as well as private donations. Income from David Chipperfield's work in the field of sustainable urbanism and development for other organizations and institutions is donated directly to Fundación RIA.