The Fundación RIA joins the Ruritage project

The Ruritage team has selected Fundación RIA to be one of the additional Ruritage Replicators. By being part of the Ruritage project, the Foundation has the opportunity to learn from the Ruritage Role Models, Replicators and experts, and thus have access to tools and knowledge to develop heritage-centered regeneration plans. This agreement aims to facilitate the development and implementation of strategies adapted to the rural territory and increase the visibility of the projects in the Ria de Arousa. With this relationship the Ruritage consortium offers support to the Fundación RIA to develop regeneration plans for the Ria de Arousa that value the cultural and natural heritage.


Participatory workshops for the design of the Strategic Plan for Galicia 2021-2030

The Consellería de Infraestruturas e Mobilidade invited, as an expert, the president of the David Chipperfield Foundation to the participative session of the Strategic Plan for Galicia 2021-2030 held at the EGAP in Santiago de Compostela.

The session focused on current demographic and economic trends and the future challenges arising from them. The current population decline, aging and impoverishment in rural and less populated areas are warnings that should guide future regional development policies.


David Chipperfield speaks about Galicia at the Monocle Quality of Life Conference

On June 27 and 29, the Monocle Quality of Life Conference was held in Madrid, organized by the international magazine Monocle, which deals with topics such as design, fashion, international affairs and general culture. On this occasion, the focus was on quality of life, taking Madrid and Spain as a model, and various initiatives were presented that exploited its qualities: gastronomy and hospitality, urban planning and design.

David Chippefield was one of three guest speakers at the Big interviews, along with Adam Moss, former editor of New York Magazine, and architect and urban planner Jan Gehl. David took this opportunity to give his vision of current affairs through his architectural work, extolling the unique quality of life in Galicia and its estuaries, and explaining the work of Fundación RIA in this territory.


Carlos Seoane, new first vice-president of the Fundación RIA

The Fundación RIA is proud to introduce Carlos Seoane as the new first vice-president. The Galician architect, professor at the School of Architecture of the University of Coruña, joins the board of the Fundación RIA to share his extensive experience working in Galicia, with works of proven excellence in various coastal enclaves, and bring a deep knowledge of the Galician territory.


Fundación RIA's vision of a sustainable landscape at the Foro Voz

Last Tuesday, May 21, was held at the Liceo de Noia the Voice Forum organized by the Local Action Group Pesquera Costa Sostible together with La Voz de Galicia. The event focused on the relationship between sustainability and development, whose effects are reflected in the territory and shape what we call landscape.